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Essay my favourite dish biryani

pain gain easy on essay no no



  • pain gain easy on essay no no
  • A controversial theme: no pain no gain essay
  • We will write a custom essay on No pain, No gain specifically for you for only $ $/ There is nothing we can get easily and readily. To sum up, we. no pain no gain essays Nowadays, all people care about is money, and To get to live on the „easy-street", you have to start from the beginning, and later step. No Pain No Gain: (Short Essay). Anything that we get in life without pain is not real success. If we had heard the famous motto “No Pain, No.

    pain gain easy on essay no no

    Nowadays, all people care about is money, and wealth and gain. Whenever you start an activity, you only focus on the gain, thus ignoring the losses that come along. Every single action has a side-effect, a theory proven even in physics and chemistry.

    During life, one has to endure much, in order to achieve the social and material status desired by so many people. You have to go through a lot of pain, especially moral pain, because you will always be underrated and mistreated by your boss, who will generally think he is superior.

    This feeling of inferiority usually makes a person work even harder than before, making his or her goals achievable. Whithout motivation, a person cannot withstand the harsh and cruel road to wealth and fulfillment. In sports, the same principle is applied. The competitors are ambitious and can go through the hard moments of a competition, wherein a normal human being would surely fail.

    They have the strengh of spirit it takes to make it to the finish line, in spite of all pains and hurts. Most of the rich people nowadays have gone through a lot of misery and spiritual pain to gain their present positions. They all started off as normal people, but by their skills and strengh survived the the hard climb to wealth.

    In some ways, maintenance of personal health and of the government and society at large are comparable. The perception of unfair taxation greatly influenced the American colonies to separate from the British and seek independence. Taxation without representation and unfair governance was a major qualm for revolutionaries. However, Franklin argues that sloth is perhaps worse. While taxation can potentially have a negative impact on the function of government and society, sloth necessarily reduces personal health and prevents the individual from achievement.

    In this sense, the limitations of sloth reflect the stringency of unfair taxation in the eyes of Franklin. Franklin highlights the importance of time to self-determination and industry. One must work hard in order to substantiate his existence. Franklin sees sloth and industry as opposites. The establishment of an American work ethic is a priority for Franklin.

    One must develop a new society piecemeal. In order to create a new nation truly independent from the financial whims of overseas powerbrokers, domestic industry must be successfully established. While temporal and fiscal concerns are always important and should be taken into account, the effective entrepreneur takes business matters into his own hands. Personal health, prosperity, and intellectual achievement are all tied together for Franklin. Like the establishment of a new democratic state, the individual man must achieve all three virtues.

    Franklin is hopeful about the American vision. Franklin is offering advice to the average American who is struggling against the British imperial power. Here, Franklin is offering a bright and positive analysis of the struggles of everyday life in the colonies, and he suggests that the industry and spirit of the American people will eventually triumph over British hegemony.

    In essence, Franklin is arguing that sacrifices will have to be made in order to accomplish the goal of establishing a strong state. There is no irony in this phrase, and Franklin is straightforward in his analysis of this issue. This is similar to the rest of the text in terms of its relevance to the opposition cause.

    It is good advice, as it advocates for the self-determination of every man. Personally, Franklin persuaded me by this aphorism. The rhythmic quality to the aphorism adds a strong tone to the phrase that makes it especially appealing. The context is also well established within a number of other Poor Richard aphorisms. The overall thesis, that American businessmen must forward their own agenda, reverberates through the modern era.

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    A controversial theme: no pain no gain essay

    If we had heard the famous motto “No Pain, No Gain” we would have all the obstacles in front of us we can easily see the door to success. Free Essay: Lance Sataraka Period 2 No Pain, No Gain No pain no gain How Pain is not defined with a simple statement or phrase. One of Benjamin Franklin's most memorable aphorisms in The Way to Wealth is the phrase “There are no gains, without pains” (2). This phrase.




    If we had heard the famous motto “No Pain, No Gain” we would have all the obstacles in front of us we can easily see the door to success.

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