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growth bachelor thesis economic



  • growth bachelor thesis economic
  • Stock market development and economic growth in emerging economies
  • Research formerly done in bachelor and master theses
  • The act of writing a master's thesis can be compared to nothing less than a Economic growth is a contemporary topic in which involves the development of a . does the income inequality affect economic growth in China? This Bachelor thesis was written during the spring term of at Mälardalen. The ideas for several chapters of this thesis have been directly or indirectly .. Infrastructure is considered to be a core ingredient to economic growth. However .

    growth bachelor thesis economic

    Before a master thesis a specialized class and also a seminar should have been visited. Exceptions from these rules are possible, if expertise and motivation can be otherwise proven. Interested students should reach out to a chair member or the chair holder as early as possible in order to discuss a topic and to ensure the effective planning of supervision capacities. Ideally, the candidate brings some ideas and a short sketch, which describes research problem, method and approach as well as expected results.

    The sketch serves only as basis for discussion. It is also possible to connect bachelor or master thesis with a relevant internship. Empirical work is encouraged and will be respectively supported. The thesis can be written in English or German. Current projects running at the chair can be a source of inspiration.

    Under certain circumstances it is also possible so integrate students within the project or provide access to project data. We have prepared this guideline for the conduction of term papers and theses at the chair. Chair of Development Economics. Research formerly done in bachelor and master theses. BA Afrikas Zukunft durch Gleichstellung?

    To what extent can technologies faciliate development? The industrialisation led classical economists such as Adam Smith to believe that capital accumulation i. Before concluding that high investment rates lead to higher growth rates, attention should be drawn to the fact that the average growth rate of 23 OECD countries was 2,7 percent even though their investment ratio was 24 percent.

    Their growth rate was consequently lower although the investment ratio was almost as high as in East Asia, Thus, capital accumulation, even though it indisputably has positive effects, cannot be the sole engine to growth.

    Already the classical economists emphasized that decreasing returns to capital imply that growth driven by capital accumulation alone once has to come to an end. Economists assume that growth is unlikely to stop since most countries have had a positive average growth rate of around 2 percent for the last years. Consequently, growth of per capita consumption is only enabled by growth of productivity in the long run. Economists became aware of the importance of productivity as the only force that could stop the slowdown of growth due to decreasing returns to capital.

    Economists have dealt with technological progress in different ways. Two lines of theory have to be distinguished, namely neoclassical and endogenous growth theory.

    The general level of productivity is assumed to grow at an exogenous and constant rate, without asking for the reasons. Output per capita grows due to both, rising capital intensity and technological progress until it reaches the steady-state.

    This is a condition where the capital-output ratio stays constant because decreasing returns to capital slow down investment, which is just high enough to offset depreciation and the negative effect of population growth. However, thanks to technological progress output per capita continues to grow at the rate of technological progress g. It is the rate of technological progress g, which determines growth of income per capita in the long run.

    Thus, long-term growth can only be influenced by productivity! That is what makes it theory. A more formal analysis will illustrate the aspects outlined in the previous section and introduce the Solow-Model. Production is described by a simple Cobb-Douglas production function. Each of the variables depends on time t. The share of capital is denoted by a. Since output depends positively on both capital and labour their exponents must be positive. The level of productivity A and the labour force L are assumed to grow at the constant exogenous rates g and n: The growth rate of output per capita is calculated by taking logs and differentiating equation 3 which results in.

    Growth of output per capita can result from two different sources, namely from growth of the capital-labour ratio or the level of productivity. It is a weighted average of their growth rates with the weights a and 1 — a. The interesting question that remains to be answered is what will happen in the long run. Consequently, output per capita grows at the same rate as the capital-output ratio and the productivity level. The saving rate s equals the investment rate since the model describes a closed economy.

    Capital per effective unit of labour consequently grows at. The steady-state is illustrated graphically in Fig, 1 as the intersection of the two k between two periods k. The steady-state is illustrated graphically in Fig, 2 as the intersection of the two graphs.

    The difference between the two graphs is the growth rate of capital per effective unit of labour. The saving curve ska-1 is a falling function of k due to decreasing returns to capital. Think of these quotes as provocations and hypotheses to be critically assessed. Economics - Case Scenarios. Economics - International Economic Relations. Business economics - Miscellaneous.

    Politics - International Politics - Region: Other States. Business economics - Economic Policy. Economics - Economic Cycle and Growth. Business economics - Economic and Social History.

    Economics - Macro-economics, general. Economics - Innovation economics. GRIN Publishing, located in Munich, Germany, has specialized since its foundation in in the publication of academic ebooks and books. The publishing website GRIN. Free Publication of your term paper, essay, interpretation, bachelor's thesis, master's thesis, dissertation or textbook - upload now!

    I would recommend a research question related to political reforms, investment, and absolute poverty reduction. Sign In. I need to make a development economics thesis. What is the most easy and simple topic to choose from?

    Is there any website where I can download data for analysis? Update Cancel. Free web analytics. Try a free web analytics system that doesn't compromise on feature richness or a user-friendly interface.

    You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Answer Wiki. In terms of a simple thesis the best would be to analyze failure. The case studies of failure are commonplace. The successes on the other hand are few, random. Just a train wreck of failed visions.

    In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is. Social, political, geographical, conflict war , corruption and temporal factors are always unique to any country. Success in the end has just as much to do with luck as planning. I am highly skeptical of any template that would be touted as universal.

    The current erroneous line of thinking focuses on Laissez-faire economics at the risk of destroying these developing countries with gross environmental pollution. Natural resource exploitation is not sustainable or desirable. Myopically focusing on the national Gross domestic product is a fools errand, seeing only one meaningless tree and ignoring the forest. One could argue. However, these measures are criticized as not measuring economic growth well enough, especially in countries where there is much economic activity that is not part of measured financial transactions such as housekeeping and self-homebuilding , or where funding is not available for accurate measurements to be made publicly available for other economists to use in their studies including private and institutional fraud, in some countries.

    Even free choice can be considered to add value to lifestyles without necessarily increasing the financial transaction amounts. More recent theories of Human Development have begun to see beyond purely financial measures of development, for example with measures such as medical care available, education, equality, and political freedom. One measure used is the Genuine Progress Indicator , which relates strongly to theories of distributive justice.

    Actual knowledge about what creates growth is largely unproven; however recent advances in econometrics and more accurate measurements in many countries is creating new knowledge by compensating for the effects of variables to determine probable causes out of merely correlational statistics.

    Stock market development and economic growth in emerging economies

    Trade and Economic Growth - Growth and Welfare Effects of Trade and Comparative Advantage - Julia Martins - Bachelor Thesis - Economics - Foreign Trade. The first essay models economic development incentives competition as a game This dissertation would not have been possible without his generous. Topics in the areas of international, institutional and development economics are preferred. The list of former Bachelor theses topics might give.

    Research formerly done in bachelor and master theses



    Trade and Economic Growth - Growth and Welfare Effects of Trade and Comparative Advantage - Julia Martins - Bachelor Thesis - Economics - Foreign Trade.

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