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purnima english on guru essay in



  • purnima english on guru essay in
  • Essay Writing On Guru Purnima Sms
  • Guru Purnima Speech in English 2017
  • As Guru Purnima is being celebrated on July 9th, , School and a Guru Purnima speech in English or write an essay or Guru Purnima. 'Guru Purnima' is a famous festival of Hindus. It is celebrated on the full moon day in the month of Ashadh according to Hindu Calendar. Guru. Guru Purnima is called the day of the Master but it is actually the day of the Devotee. A student comes to a Master, Teacher, and Guru with tears in his eyes.

    purnima english on guru essay in

    A Guru is someone who teach life lessons and lead us to a path of Glory. A Teacher is someone who teaches us reading and writing knowledge. There are the student, the disciple and the devotee. The student is the one who wants to have the knowledge the Guru is having and is always in his self control. The disciple is the one who want to learn the morals of the Guru and wants to stay true to his rights avoiding the wrongs.

    A devotee is however the one who dedicates himself to worship the Guru and believe him to lead the devotee to any path the Guru wants. We are all the devotees of God, so we can assume that God is the main Guru.

    Gurus are real people in our life who give motivation to us so we can challenge ourselves and get back up again. No Guru will help their student in their goals but a real Guru will stay with their student and motivate him to reach the goal. A real life Guru is not a sage, a religious person or any priest. A real life Guru is anyone who wants to dedicate their time and effort to push into the paths of Success.

    Parents are the first Gurus who teach us love and passion from Childhood. They are our Childhood Gurus and guide us through a safe path so that we can reach our goals. The second Gurus are our school teachers who define our societal and cultural beliefs. Teachers help shape our morals going into future. But after a certain age, Parents and Teachers do not have an impact on our minds.

    It is part of the task for which I have come: Sishtarakshana protection of the virtuous. Persons who were near Me during the last week were asking Me to divulge the name of the person whom I had saved. I told them that it will make them angry against that person, for they would say that Swami had to undergo so much of pain in order to save that one person.

    Then they replied that they would honour the person for his extraordinary Bhakthi devotion which persuaded Swami to run to his rescue, on Saturday morning. Some people even asked Me whether it was this person or that, giving names of those who had attacks of paralysis, especially on the left side! This is even more ludicrous, because when I save a person, I save him completely. I do not wait until he gets the disease and I do not leave in him a fraction of the disease, so that he may be identified later.

    It all looks so funny to Me, the guesses and surmises that you make. Balawanth was destined to get plague, but, the bubo was taken over and the boy saved. This is perhaps the longest period when I kept the devotees wondering and worried. That was because of the heart attacks which had to come later on the Bhaktha, from which also he had to be saved.

    Then, there is another reason too, why the eight-day period had to be observed. Well, I shall tell you why. That means I must tell you about Myself, about something I have not disclosed so far, something which I was keeping to Myself, for the last 37 years. The time has come to announce it. This is a sacred day, and I shall tell you. This Bharadhwaja was a great sage, who studied the Vedas for a full one hundred years; but, finding that the Vedas were anantha endless he did thapas penance for prolonging his lifespan, and from Lord Indra he got two extensions of a century each.

    Even then, the study of the Vedas could not be completed, so he asked Indra again for another hundred years. Indra showed him three huge mountain ranges and said, "What you have learned in three centuries form only three handfuls from out of the three ranges, which the Vedas are. So, give up the attempt to exhaust the Vedas. Do a Yaaga sacrifice , instead, which I shall teach you: The sage wanted that Shakthi the consort of Lord Shiva must preside and bless the Yaaga, and so he went to Kailasha the abode of Lord Shiva.

    But, the time was not opportune for presenting his petition, for Shiva and Shakthi were engaged in a competition, trying to find out who could dance longer. Eight days passed thus, before Shakthi noticed Bharadhwaja standing in the cold. She just cast a smile at him and danced along as before!

    Guru makes gold out of garbage. It is easy to make that change because everyone is made up of that one thing. When your life is full, you get a feeling of gratitude then you start with the Guru and end up adoring everything in life. Guru is just a beginning. Whenever you praise, the praise goes to the divine. When you praise someone, your own consciousness is expanding. So for your own sake, adore and venerate others. That is why we celebrate Guru Poornima.

    Guru Poornima is the day to feel grateful for the great knowledge you have received from your Master. There is a definite change inside you.

    Essay Writing On Guru Purnima Sms

    Guru Purnima (Poornima) is an eastern spiritual tradition dedicated to spiritual and academic . Essays on North Indian folk traditions Check |url= value (help). That is why we celebrate Guru Poornima. Guru Poornima is the day to feel grateful for the great knowledge you have received from your Master. Guru Purnima is a traditional Indian festival of the Hindus and the Buddhists. Category: Culture of India, Essays and Paragraphs On April

    Guru Purnima Speech in English 2017



    Guru Purnima (Poornima) is an eastern spiritual tradition dedicated to spiritual and academic . Essays on North Indian folk traditions Check |url= value (help).

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