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mcgill thesis evaluation status



  • mcgill thesis evaluation status
  • Thesis Deadlines
  • University Regulations and Resources
  • The following questions were submitted to GPS by a group of current PhD In the following term, your registration status will change to “thesis evaluation,”. Deadline date to submit initial Doctoral or Master's theses to GPS (Thesis Office) to be registered as Thesis Evaluation status for the Fall term. Thesis Examination The examiners have four (4) weeks to evaluate the thesis Any inquiries regarding the status of your thesis should be addressed to your.

    mcgill thesis evaluation status

    The ID card is not validated. Students who wish to take a leave such as for work purposes from the University for a maximum period of one year before returning to complete their residence requirements must first obtain permission to do so both from their department and GPS.

    The student must register as a non-resident student , and pay the non-resident fee. Student Services fees are not levied and the ID card is not validated. Students can only be non-residents for a maximum of one year. Such a leave must be requested on a term by term basis and may be granted for a period of up to 52 weeks. Students and Postdocs must make a request for such a leave in writing to their department and submit a medical certificate justifying the leave.

    The department shall forward the request to GPS. No tuition fees will be charged for the duration of the authorized leave. Research supervisors are not obligated to remunerate students and Postdocs on leave. A student on leave of absence during the Fall term must register for an active term of study in the Winter term at least in order to apply for graduation. GPS has prepared a summary table of various leave policies paid or unpaid for students and postdocs paid from the Federal and Quebec Councils through fellowships or research grants.

    The document is available at www. Residents and fellows on staff of teaching hospitals associated with the University are included in Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies statistics. They must apply for admission to be Special Students or for admission to a degree program, a graduate diploma or certificate. Members of the teaching staff of the University up to and including the rank of lecturer may enrol as candidates for a degree, diploma or certificate. If their teaching duties are designated as full-time, they may only enrol as half-time students.

    Professorial members of the academic staff may not enrol in graduate degree and diploma programs. This rule shall apply also to any persons who have been on the professorial staff within the previous 12 months, unless they resign completely from their positions at McGill. Should persons registered in graduate studies be promoted to professorial rank, they may no longer remain graduate students, unless they resign or are granted a leave of absence from their professorial appointments. In certain exceptional cases, professorial members of the academic staff may apply toa graduate program in academic units other than their own.

    Enrolment Services may grant permission if it is satisfied that the applicant's teaching unit and proposed unit for graduate study are sufficiently remote that conflict of interest situations will not arise. Permission must be granted before any courses are taken toward the proposed degree.

    If you are a regular McGill undergraduate or graduate degree, diploma, or certificate student, you may register, with your faculty's permission, at any Quebec university for three, or in some cases six, credits per term in addition to your registration at McGill.

    You may also obtain permission to complete a full term i. These courses, subject to faculty regulations, will be recognized by McGill for the degree that you are registered for, up to the limit imposed by the residency requirements of the program. Normally, you must complete a minimum residency requirement of 60 credits at McGill in order to qualify for a McGill degree you should check with your faculty.

    This privilege will be granted if there are valid academic reasons. If you want to take advantage of this agreement, consult your Student Affairs Office for details. Note that this agreement is subject to the following conditions:. If you are a scholarship holder, you should consult with your Student Affairs Office and the scholarships coordinator concerning eligibility for continuation or renewal of your award s.

    You may find additional information posted on your faculty website. If you are a student at another Quebec university and you want to take courses at McGill using the Quebec Inter-University Transfer IUT agreement, you must initiate an online application to request the required authorizations at www.

    You should also refer to your home university website for regulations on the number of credits allowed, as well as the policies for transferring the credits. McGill will automatically submit your grades for any completed courses to your home university.

    Enter your keywords. Religious Studies Science Summer Studies. Section menu. Unexcused Absences Verification of Student Records: Unofficial Transcripts Verification of Student Records: Unofficial Transcripts Transcript of Academic Record: Official Transcripts Transcript of Academic Record: General Information Transcript of Academic Record: Legal Documents: Identification ID Cards Name: Legal Name Name: Preferred First Name Name: Libraries Resources for Study and Research: University Archives Resources for Study and Research: Redpath Museum Resources for Study and Research: Jump To: Visiting IUT Students.

    Categories of Students Students must inform themselves of University rules and regulations and keep abreast of any changes that may occur.

    Programs, Courses and University Regulations— last updated Nov. Full-Time Students Full-Time Students Full-time students are students with a registration status of full-time and paying full-time fees. Programs, Courses and University Regulations— last updated Jul. The following are such students: Graduate students who have completed 8 full-time semesters in a doctoral program when admitted to Ph.

    Graduate students who have completed 6 full-time semesters in a doctoral program when admitted to Ph. Start of revision. If you are in "Thesis Evaluation" status, you are not permitted to register for courses. Revision, December End of revision. Special Students Special Students Students who meet the minimum entrance requirements of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and wish to take one, or at most two, graduate-level courses per term 6 credits without intention of proceeding to a degree or diploma are termed Special Students.

    Visiting Students Visiting Students Visiting Students are those students who are registered in a degree program at another university and who have obtained written permission from both universities to take a course s for credit toward that degree program. Conditions Students applying to be a graduate research trainee: A trainee may spend up to a total of 12 months at McGill, but the time does not have to be consecutive.

    The trainee can apply for multiple stages over a longer period of time. Assessment of written and verbal language skills is the responsibility of the supervising professor; are not charged fees for any term of registration including Summer; are not charged any Student Services or Ancillary fees and thus do not have access to these services including health insurance.

    Membership to athletics services may be purchased. Graduate Research Trainees do have access to McGill libraries, email, and required training in research ethics and safety; must arrange for basic health insurance coverage prior to arrival at McGill and may be required to provide proof of coverage. As a result of an ongoing integration of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and Enrolment Services, policies and procedures are currently undergoing review and revision.

    Updates will be communicated to departments as decisions are made. Medical Residents Medical Residents Residents and fellows on staff of teaching hospitals associated with the University are included in Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies statistics.

    Quebec Inter-University Transfer Agreement: McGill Students Revision, January Note that this agreement is subject to the following conditions: The Quebec universities concerned may, at their discretion, refuse the registration of a student for any of their courses. New students and graduate students who plan to register for courses only or for Full-time status for the Summer session should be advised to read these instructions, since it is each student's responsibility to ensure the accuracy of their own record by registering within the deadlines.

    All new students must complete the mandatory Academic Integrity Tutorial on Minerva , as stated in their admission letter. A reminder will be sent to new students who have not completed this tutorial at the end of May with a warning that a Hold will be placed on their record at the beginning of July.

    Only students in Masters thesis programs who must complete their third term of residence in the Summer term should register for this course. Students in Thesis programs, who are registered in the same program in Winter , are not expecting to graduate at the end of the Winter term, and will not register in Full-time status in Summer , will automatically be registered for the Summer term in March These students will be charged fees for Summer according to their registration status as per the list below and the Summer fees will be due on April 26, Fee Information: Detailed Summer fee information for all graduate student statuses is available on the Student Accounts website Summer Fees.

    All new students accepted for the Winter term must confirm that they accept their offer of admission on-line using their uApply account before they can register in their program of admission. Take note of the registration period listed below to avoid late registration fees. New students who have not registered by January 7, may still access Minerva to register late from January 8, to January 22, A reminder will be sent to new students who have not completed this tutorial at the end of February with a warning that a Hold will be placed on their record in the third week of March.

    Enter your keywords. Section menu. Returning Students April 2, starting after New Students July 3, starting at 9: Registration - Summer Summer registration opens March 14, on Minerva for new and returning students. Returning Students - Registration for Courses Only: Registration for Full-time Status: Returning Students in Non-Thesis Programs:

    Thesis Deadlines

    Students in thesis programs will maintain their current registration status (i.e. students in thesis programs will be registered in Thesis Evaluation status for all. In the summer term, students with a status of "continuing" in a thesis. (Students in Thesis Evaluation are also charged fees in the summer term.) For details. Examiners are asked to evaluate the thesis according to the criteria in the respective thesis examiner report form for a Master's or Doctoral thesis. Examiners.

    University Regulations and Resources



    Students in thesis programs will maintain their current registration status (i.e. students in thesis programs will be registered in Thesis Evaluation status for all.

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