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a shop business tea plan for



  • a shop business tea plan for
  • Tea Room Business Plan
  • Getting Started
  • Jasmine Teahouse tea room business plan executive summary. Jasmine Teahouse is a new upscale teahouse in Simsbury, CT, serving over 52 kinds of. Jasmine Teahouse tea room business plan company summary. Jasmine Teahouse is a new upscale teahouse in Simsbury, CT, serving over 52 kinds of. This is a free sample business plan for Tea Room. To see more business plan examples, business plan software, and other business planning tools visit.

    a shop business tea plan for

    Today, there are over 3, specialty tea rooms and retail shops in big cities and small towns across America. In addition, nearly all upscale hotels offer an Afternoon Tea service.

    These calculations do not include seasonal customers such as college students in order to determine a baseline for business expectations Marketing Plan. Community calendars will also be used to list upcoming events and specials. Repeat customers will be encouraged through rewards with prize drawings, loyalty cards, and discount offers.

    A dedicated wifi internet connection with a dynamic password will encourage foot trafic and lingering customers. Competition Duncan Hall offers formal tea events including a doll lovers party, combination tea and fashion show, and formal tea with mrs. Expansion opertunities the tea house can extend its income opertunities by offering a gift shop including local botabical crafts such as soap and local artwork displays and offer special gift packaging.

    A liquer license in the future will enable the tea room to serve tea based cocktails. Kitty's Tea Room will mostly target customers between the ages of 21 and 65 years old. Census Bureau:. A similar formular used for nearby West Lafayette gives an addition possible customers, conservatively,. Subpages 1: However, even though more people are now switching over to bubble tea, it is yet to reach the scale of some giant coffee stores in the United States of America.

    There are also existing tea stores in the United States but they sell non-bubble tea and are yet still far behind the coffee stores, this fact makes it hard for bubble tea to grab a strong hold of the market, as the few bubble tea stores do not have a strong brand presence.

    According to statistics, Americans are more of a coffee than tea people, drinking 8 fluid oz. This fact also places bubble tea on an uncertain level, as it would be hard to break the American coffee tradition.

    However, this is not to say that all is doom and gloom for bubble tea, as most beverage drinkers point to the fact that bubble teas offer a refreshing variety as it can be a smoothie or a tea. Also, the fact that there is no caffeine in bubble tea makes it a favorite for those who do not want caffeine in their beverages.

    In the United States of America, bubble tea stores are mainly located in the West Coast due to the large number of Asian and Asian-American communities. For instance, in most Asian restaurants in Los Angeles, bubble tea products are often on the beverage menus. Due to the fact that bubble teas have started gaining wide acceptance in the United States of America, we are establishing our bubble tea business so as to offer our various customers quality tea as well the choice of having different flavors.

    We have our customized truck in place to cater to all our customers in parks, and other public places. Our bubble tea business is located in a strategic location that is not saturated thereby offering us the opportunity of attracting more customers. Also, we are located in a place that is easy for customers and employees to conveniently have access to.

    We have carefully considered our competition here in Mississippi and are rest assured that we would stand out from them due to our quality products and services with affordable pricing and also due to the fact that we have laid down publicity strategies that will be effective in making us stand out once implemented. Due to the fact that we intend to serve our bubble tea in different varieties and also that we believe in having a professional package, we are therefore investing in specialized bubble tea making equipment such as shakers, sealers, and an electric induction heater.

    We also have invested in quality small equipment such as stirrers, sugar dispensers, tea jubs and a Point of Sale POS Machine. Because we know how important it is to use only quality equipment in making bubble tea, we intend to source for our ingredients from Taiwan.

    Our purchasing manager has carried out the necessary research on this and has identified quality suppliers and vendors that fit our budget. Our employees are the face of the business and so we not will only pick competent employees to help run the business but also be able to communicate the brand effectively to our customers.

    Jackie owns a degree in Business Management, whilst Robin has experience in the beverage industry. Both will be bringing their experience and expertise to bear on the business. Teelicious Bubble Tea is a tea establishment that deals in all flavors and types of bubble tea. We will sell our bubble tea as a bottled beverage ready-to-drink product.

    Our bubble tea will be an unusual substitute to traditional tea whilst still providing all the best experience to our different customers. Also, we do not intend to sell bubble tea alone as we intend to deal in various products that are associated with bubble teas as well as offer services that are in line with bubble tea and any other bubble tea related business that is permissible under the laws of the United States of America.

    To achieve our vision, we will make sure to always check on what ingredients are used in our bubble teas, and also deal honestly and transparently with our customers. Teelicious Bubble Tea is a tea company that has been established to make profit as well as favorably compete with its competitors; however, for this to be achieved, we have to ensure that we get our business structure right, as this will go a long way into determining if we will achieve our goals and objectives or not.

    Therefore, in getting our foundation right, we intend to get competent and experienced staff that thoroughly understand this business and also have the experience necessary to help us achieve our goals and objectives. The employees we intend to hire must also understand our core values, what we stand for and also be able to communicate this effectively to others as well as to the lower cadre staff.

    Due to the fact that we intend to make, sell and serve bubble tea as well as certain ingredients that would be needed for those who intend to make this tea for themselves, we would need several employees assigned to different positions that will cover all the products and services we intend to sell here at Teelicious Bubble Tea. The bubble tea business is a great business concept that will see us creating a niche and become recognized in the market.

    However, due to the fact that we pride ourselves on professionalism, we have decided to hire a business consultant to critically look at our business concept and let us know if we have any chances of survival in this business. The business consultant intends to use the SWOT Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats analysis to determine what we were likely to go through in the course of starting and running the bubble tea business in Mississippi.

    Below is the result that was gotten from the analysis that was conducted on Teelicious Bubble Tea;. There are several strengths which we possess and which will be beneficial to our bubble tea business.

    First off, we have a strong distribution channel which will ensure that our bubble tea penetrates and is in reach of our customers who are far away. Secondly, we have employed efficient and competent employees who understand the beverage market and know what it will take to take us to the top. Also, our owners who have the required experience needed to ensure that we become the brand we intend to be. Our weaknesses stem from the fact that this is not a known segment and so there will be more difficulty breaking into this market and attracting the needed customers especially from the carbonated drinks share market.

    Also, we would be battling with other healthy drinks in the market in order to create an identity and stand out. We have several opportunities that are available to us and they abound in the fact that we intend to continually introduce new products and innovations.

    Also, we are building a brand that we want to ensure is attractive to global investors and partners. Due to the fact that every business experiences threats, we expect to experience strong competition from new competition in same location or around us. Also, we also expect issues such as people claiming to have health issues from taking our product. Special Events In addition to our monthly tea tasting parties, Jasmine Teahouse will offer customers the option of reserving the entire teahouse for a party or special event.

    We anticipate business for bridal and baby showers, as well as a few children's birthday parties. The following table and chart give a highlight of our forecasted sales. Sales Monthly Click to Enlarge.

    Sales by Year Click to Enlarge. All rights reserved. Go to Bplans. Learn More. Sales Forecast. FY Hot Teas. Iced Teas. Tea Paraphernalia.

    Tea Room Business Plan

    The costs involved in opening a tea shop business can vary a lot. As you start planning your business, connect with a free business resource near you to get. Kitty's Tea Room is a formal tea service establishment in the start up phase, serving tea in various traditions including American, English, and Asian as well as. FIN – Business Plan Le,Yi and Zhong, Huan “Tea House” Business Plan Le . Locations and Facilities Tea House drink shop will be located on the ground.

    Getting Started



    The costs involved in opening a tea shop business can vary a lot. As you start planning your business, connect with a free business resource near you to get.

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