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on marathi in mary essay kom



  • on marathi in mary essay kom
  • Story of her struggle: Mary Kom is back and how
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  • Chungneijang Mary Kom Hmangte (born 1 March ), better known as Mary Kom is an Indian Olympic boxer from Manipur. She is the only woman to become . Nov 24, She is a five-time World Amateur Boxing champion, and the only woman boxer to have won a medal in each one of the six world championships. MC Marry Kom won her fifth gold medal in Asian boxing Championship in the summit clash on Wednesday 8th November at Ho Chi Minh City in. Mary Kom is an Indian boxer from the northeast state of Manipur, born on 1st March , Mangte Chungneijang. She is also known as MC Mary Kom or.

    on marathi in mary essay kom

    There are different things to face in my life. The most is to maintain the performance because this is very important for me being a sportsperson. I have alredy achieved this level. And to maintain this high level is very very important. It's not end yet actually — I'm still continuing — but the biggest will be Olympics - if I win gold medal in Olympics. I want this to be remembered at the end.

    As a woman who has taken up so many roles, which of your roles is the most challenging - that of a boxer, a homemaker, a wife and mother or as a lawmaker in Rajya Sabha? I think every role is challenging. Being a woman, being a mother, being a sportsperson, being a Member of Parliament - all of these have been difficult. Handling all this all at once is challenging. We as a woman face a lot of difficulties.

    Since we are talking to an achiever on the occasion of Women's Day, do you feel we need more women lawmakers in India? If you ask me, yes we need to have more women lawmakers. Women are strong and must pursue their dreams at all cost.

    You may fail first, second or even the third time but if you show perseverance you will succeed one day. I have seen failure too. When I started boxing, nobody believed in me because I am a woman. They said boxing is a man's game. But see, how things have changed. Today many many more women are taking up this sport. I have taken criticism in my stride and fought to prove people wrong. You are eyeing the Olympics in Tokyo. Where do you get the resolve from?

    What keeps you going? The resolve comes from sheer willpower. It comes from within. They seem scared of touching me. It can actually get quite frustrating but I have to keep my calm, whether the opponent is scared or rough and tough. This weight 48kg is natural for my body. This category, in fact, works best for me. Some of the boxers I faced here in Vietnam have competed against me in 51kg category. By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies.

    You can find out more by clicking this link. News Wrap Get Handpicked Stories from our editors directly to your mailbox. News Sports Other Sports. Story of her struggle: Another thing I should mention is that there are some differences with the movie — some events shown in the movie are not written here. I wonder if these events were cooked up for the movie or Mary chose not to reveal them in the book.

    Who knows!! My only criticism of the book is the writing — it is dry , I mean to say that it reads like a text book.

    It fails to connect. I am giving the book a rating of 4 simply because it tells the story of this indomitable woman. Otherwise, I would have given it a rating of 2. If the writing was better I would have happily recommended the book to all. However, if the book appeals to you, you can give it a try.

    The book is odd pages long and can be read pretty quickly. View all 14 comments. Jun 21, Khurram rated it really liked it. A great story, of a great person and athlete. Mary Kom's struggles and successes are truly inspirational. The language is simple which is understandable as English is not even her second language. Mary very openly talks about the sacrifice her and her family had to make, and is thankful for everyone who has helped her.

    Also how appreciative she is for every award. Being an Asian I know how obsessed India is about cricket and in their eyes if you are not a cricket or hockey player you are not con A great story, of a great person and athlete. Being an Asian I know how obsessed India is about cricket and in their eyes if you are not a cricket or hockey player you are not considered real athlete.

    Add to the fact that she is a woman from a poor background I cannot even imagine what she had to endure to prove herself. The bottom line is she did it, and truly changed not people's but Indian society's opinions.

    That has to be classed as her greatest victory. The only reason I did not give this book 5 stars is because of the details about the fights and training. I think this book could have been double or triple the length of she talked about specific drills or training she went through. Says things like "I cycled 20km did my chores then attended training", but now what she did in training.

    Also her fights she tells us the results "I won the match I do understand this is not what she was trying to express in this book, but how hard work, and sacrifice made her a success and a role model which she undoubtedly is.

    Her unbreakable will outside the ring, but I would have like to hear about her in-ring mentality as well. A great success story, of overcoming obstacles, following and breaking traditional thinking yet with honour and keeping yourself grounded and humble despite incredible success. Aug 31, Meghaditya Roy Chaudhury rated it really liked it. Because of our oriental looks, people from Northeast are often mocked in other parts of India. We're called Nepalis, or Chinkies, and people call us names Mary Kom pursued her seemingly unachievable dream of becoming a world-class female boxe "I was not always recognized as Indian in my own country.

    Mary Kom pursued her seemingly unachievable dream of becoming a world-class female boxer and succeeded in it too. Despite her financial odds, politics in the associations and occasional strokes of bad luck, she held on to her goal and made her way. The book was truly an inspiring read. She is a five-time world-champion boxer and mother of three sons. She is the inspiration for millions of Indians.

    Her life has been presented in the movie but I wanted to read this autobiography to know her life from her voice. You may read full review on my blog Unbreakable: Mary Kom- Book review Chungneijang was an ordinary girl who lives in the remote village of Manipur.

    She is the eldest daughter in the family. Chungneijang was a tomboyish type of girl who always protects her siblings. During school, she dreamt to go into the sports and get a government job through sports quota and support her family. Chungneijang and her family worked very hard to meet the need of her sports ambition. This was the time when she changed her name from Chungneijang to Mary. She desired to go into boxing, but boxing was not famous during that time and it comes with various taboos for girls.

    But Mary chose to fight against the odds. Mary goes through from various sports academy and won several medals for the country. During one such time, she met Onler and soon they became husband and wife. Her father opposed this marriage saying that marriage will put a full stop on her career. Opposite to all of the assumption, Onler always put Mary and her ambition first.

    While the operation, boxing was the only thing was in her mind. In this book, she has also pointed the partiality she had faced and also written how our sports ministry should help players. This is the Mary Kom a simple girl from Manipur who becomes the world champion boxer by her efforts and dedication. There cannot be any one like her.

    Currently, she is running a boxing academy without any cost. This book should be read by each and every individual, to know about the Mary Kom, to know her struggle as well as to get an inspiration from her.

    Jun 24, Tavleen Kaur rated it really liked it Shelves: This book was inspiring, informative and enjoyable to read. I think we all can take something away from her story especially how she started in a poor household and made her way up all because of her exceptional hard-work.

    Books like these made us realize how privileged we are and how its not impossible to achieve our dreams no matter how high they are. Also, I'm not much into sports so I really liked learning about this field. The most celebrated boxer of our country speaks here about her life, her struggle and the way to all those accolades which she earned over all these years. The year-old Champion belongs to a tiny tribe of Kom which is currently numbered at a miniscule 30, and that is how her name has "Kom" in it.

    The tribe is at the bottom of the many communities in Manipur today in social and economical status which further throws light on her determination and single minded focus.

    The book narrates her entire life right from the time she remembers to the current stage when she is a mother of three and dreaming for another Olympic medal in A must read for all who face all kind of difficulty and challenges in their lives; for all the things we often crib, despite the comforts we have, this book puts us to rethink and wonder if we really should complain View all 7 comments.

    Sep 05, Rishika S. Unbreakable is the first autobiography I have read, and to be very honest, the writing style takes some getting used to. There are many things about the book itself that doesn't add much to its rating. It is quite haphazardly written, in that it doesn't follow any real chronological sequence of events. While you get to read a lot about the many competitions and events of which Mary Kom was a part, it doesn't follow a dateline, making it a tad confusing to really understand her list of achievemen Unbreakable is the first autobiography I have read, and to be very honest, the writing style takes some getting used to.

    While you get to read a lot about the many competitions and events of which Mary Kom was a part, it doesn't follow a dateline, making it a tad confusing to really understand her list of achievements. However, that doesn't make them any less impressive. Then there is the fact that it mentions many names out of nowhere, only to address some of them at a later stage, and leave many of them unheard of again.

    This kind of leaves you with a feeling of wanting more, and all these points were the reasons I would have given this book a 3 or 3. But what pushes that to a well deserved 4 star rating is the story of Mary Kom itself. As you get used to the writing style and read on, you see a person forming through all the information that you receive - a person who followed her heart and triumphed in many ways in the face of insurmountable odds. What really takes you in is the true from the heart feeling that the book gives you.

    It is an unabashed, all holds bared telling of Mary Kom's life. She discloses all her desires, what makes her push on, what gave her courage when things seemed impossible, and even touches on the things she fears, her weaknesses, and her failures - all told from her heart. But the best thing about the book is her open and unconditional love for the man who became her husband and support, her children who became her strength, and her family who stood by her in the bleakest and brightest of times.

    Mary Kom openly expresses her gratitude to every person, however small or big their contribution may be to her success, and that makes the book a truly inspirational read. I recommend Unbreakable to anyone who faces a difficult time, however small or large that hurdle may be, and to everyone who has a goal of any kind. The book teaches you the many principles and a way of thinking that makes the impossible seem possible, and can go a long way in making you push beyond the odds.

    Because, at the end of it all, Mary Kom's story will make you believe in your own willpower and in the ability to get that at which you set your heart - just as she did, and continues to do every day. View 1 comment. Medals, fame and a Bollywood movie based upon you. However, only a few people know the pains Mary underwent to reach such dizzying heights of success. Read full review here. Unbreakable by M. Mary Kom could have been the story of any woman living in rural India.

    For a majority of Indian women, life is a struggle — a struggle to follow their dreams, a struggle to assert their rights, a struggle to make ends meet.

    What sets her apart is the sheer grit with which she faces every hurdle, and her determination to not let her struggle go in vain. Mangte Chungneijang Mary Kom is a woman who has worked really hard to distinguish herself as an achiever. A five time World Bo Unbreakable by M. A five time World Boxing Champion, she is the only woman boxer to have won a medal in each one of the six world championships.

    Born in a small village in Manipur, in a family primarily dependent on farming, her attempts to study despite the house-work and farm-work is a story many young Indian girls will identify with.

    She describes how she discovered her passion for boxing, her initial days of training, even going into details of the politics among sports bodies, both at state and national level.

    Story of her struggle: Mary Kom is back and how

    Nov 8, Every medal is a story of struggle, says the indomitable Mary Kom, who considers her fifth Asian Boxing Championship gold medal special as it. Tag: Mary Kom Mary Kom Biography मैरी.Best Essay on Mary Kom for Youth and Students given here. Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, English. Sep 26, Mary Kom is an Indian boxer who has the distinction of being a five-time World Amateur Boxing champion. This biography of Mary Kom.

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    Nov 8, Every medal is a story of struggle, says the indomitable Mary Kom, who considers her fifth Asian Boxing Championship gold medal special as it.

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