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research james paper monroe



  • research james paper monroe
  • Biography Newsletter
  • Early life and career
  • Free James Monroe papers, essays, and research papers. View James Monroe Research Papers on servicerewiew.fun for free. President James Monroe Research Paper In this essay I will be discussing the life of President James Monroe. We will talk about his life at home, where he grew.

    research james paper monroe

    He admired Washington and was influenced by him at a young age. At age 16 …show more content…. He wanted to buy land in Kentucky and open a law office in Richmond with the money he was saving.

    His first aspiration was not practicing law, but going to Europe and traveling the different countries. Monroe was unsure of himself and needed advice. He turned to Jefferson, but Jefferson had other plans for Monroe. He wanted Monroe to run for Virginia State Legislature. Monroe accepted and was elected into the House of Delegates in April Stefoff After much preparation, Monroe became a member of the Congress of Confederation.

    This event influenced him greatly. During Monroe found time to marry the love of his life. Her name was Elizabeth Kortright Monroe. Elizabeth was 17 and James was 27 years old when they were married.

    They had two daughters and one son Kane After the marriage and the children, Monroe quickly got back to his political views and doings. He was bored of his law practice and wanted a challenge. James served on the member Virginia Ratifying Convention that decided the fate of the Constitution Stefoff In the fall of , Monroe ran for Congress, but his friend and foe, James Madison, defeated him.

    Monroe did not give up, although he was disappointed about the loss, he later ran for U. Senate against an old friend John Marshall in and came home with a victory Stefoff Monroe was divided by politics.

    Now there were two political parties, the Federalist. Show More. The declaration was more than media hype. The United States could claim a victory in the War of because of the favorable peace treaty. The nation's economy was booming and the only opposing political party, the Federalists, was on life support. During the first year of Monroe's administration, he continued his outreach to other parts of the country with successful tours in and He also made some smart choices to fill his cabinet, appointing a Southerner, John C.

    Calhoun, as secretary of war, and a Northerner, John Quincy Adams, as secretary of state. After the Napoleonic Wars, which ended in , many of Spain's colonies in Latin America declared their independence.

    Americans welcomed this action as validation of their spirit of Republicanism. Behind the scenes, President Monroe and Secretary of State Adams informed these new countries that the United States would support their efforts and open up trade relations. Several European powers threatened to form an alliance to help Spain regain its territories, but pressure from Great Britain, who also saw merit in independent Latin American countries, stopped their efforts.

    On December 2, , Monroe formally announced to Congress what would become known as the "Monroe Doctrine. We strive for accuracy and fairness. If you see something that doesn't look right, contact us! Sign up for the Biography newsletter to receive stories about the people who shaped our world and the stories that shaped their lives.

    Thomas Jefferson was a draftsman of the Declaration of Independence and the third U. He was also responsible for the Louisiana Purchase. The latter disappointed him. His efforts, he concluded later, should have been applied "to a more grateful soil. Most aristocratic Virginians in this period owed their financial well-being to large scale agriculture, and James Monroe was no exception.

    His father's death in had left him in possession of slaves. Though opposed to the institution itself, Monroe, like Jefferson, feared the outbreak of violence that could result from immediate abolition. He therefore supported gradual solutions to this societal dilemma. This paternalistic philosophy resulted in his protection of family units, a minor amount of self-determination in work assignments, and the provision of medical care. It did not oblige him to free his slaves, an action he, like Jefferson, believed to be irresponsible.

    In , Monroe returned to public service as senator from Virginia and held that office until When he first arrived in Philadelphia, Madison and Jefferson invited their friend and his wife to share lodgings at their boarding house.

    Throughout this period, Monroe worked closely with Madison a member of the House of Representatives and Jefferson secretary of state in organizing an opposition political party and in achieving their republican goals.

    During recesses, these three men visited each other's estates: They enjoyed one another's society, but also spent time preparing legislative goals and deciding on strategies to counter the efforts of Hamilton's Federalists. In , Monroe acquired 3, acres adjacent to Monticello. Monroe's appointment in as minister to France by Washington's Federalist administration was somewhat unexpected, especially considering Monroe's prominence in the opposition party. His wide legislative experience and republican principles, however, made him the perfect agent for resolving tensions in American-French relations.

    By Washington's administration no longer felt comfortable with a Republican holding such an important post. Monroe bitterly resented what he perceived to be an unjustified recall; his resentment was somewhat soothed by the warm reception afforded him by his fellow Republicans when he returned to America in June of From to , Madison and Monroe were frequently at Monticello to confer with Jefferson on party matters.

    Monroe's friends were anxious to put his talents to work in some high governmental post, and in , Monroe won the governorship of Virginia.

    Vague reports circulated during the summer of of an impending slave revolt. When specific details reached him on August 30, Monroe promptly called up the state militia and suppressed "Gabriel's rebellion. The tied presidential ballot that autumn was another source of alarm for the governor. As Madison in the House of Representatives labored to break the tie between Aaron Burr and Jefferson, Monroe prepared the state militia to resist a Federalist coup that never materialized.

    Monroe completed his third gubernatorial term in the autumn of and left office intending to restore his finances by devoting his full attention to his law practice. In January , however, Jefferson appointed him envoy extraordinary to France. Jefferson and Madison now secretary of state believed that only Monroe had the reputation and experience to complete the delicate negotiations involved in buying from France a port at the mouth of the Mississippi. During the remainder of his stay in France, Monroe visited two comrades from the revolution and forwarded news of them to Jefferson: Lafayette he found recovering from a broken hip, while Thaddeus Kosciusko was involved with his garden.

    After the successful negotiations for Louisiana in the spring of , Jefferson transferred Monroe to London to fill the vital post of minister to Great Britain.

    The two countries enjoyed a precarious peace, and Monroe's main responsibility was to seek the resolution of several issues relating to the sovereignty of the United States. During the last year of his ministry, in , Monroe and William Pinkney negotiated a treaty that Jefferson and Madison could not accept because it failed to address the impressment of American sailors into British ships. While his friendship with Jefferson continued to thrive, Monroe and Madison remained estranged until May of , at which time Jefferson's efforts to restore their former amity finally bore fruit.

    In March of , Madison offered him the post of secretary of state. National crisis, particularly the events of the War of , marked the years of Monroe's service in Madison's cabinet.

    Not surprisingly, he rarely found leisure for lengthy visits in Albemarle County. His family spent the majority of its time at his Oak Hill estate in Loudoun County. With the outbreak of hostilities in , Madison transferred Monroe temporarily to the post of secretary of war. Anti-Virginia grumbling in the Senate prevented Monroe's confirmation as secretary of war.

    Biography Newsletter

    James Monroe essays James Monroe was born on April 28, , in Westmoreland County, Virginia. He was the son of Spence and Elizabeth Monroe . James Monroe research papers examine the 5th President of the United States. When writing research papers about famous presidents such as James Monroe, . Daniel F. Preston, the editor of The Papers of James Monroe at the University of Mary Washington, spoke about the presidency of Monroe and the elections of.

    Early life and career



    James Monroe essays James Monroe was born on April 28, , in Westmoreland County, Virginia. He was the son of Spence and Elizabeth Monroe .

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