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La sas dissertation

mars on short planet essay



  • mars on short planet essay
  • Venus: The Second Planet from the Sun Essay
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  • Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and the second-smallest planet in the Solar System after .. Mars is more likely to be struck by short-period comets, i.e., those that lie within the orbit of Jupiter. In spite of this, there are far fewer craters on. Looking up at Mars from Earth the planet Mars appears fiery red. Mars appears to move backward in the sky for a short time around opposition, when the two. Free Essay: Mars, it's where aliens come from, a Hollywood Sci-Fi mainstay, the mysterious red planet. But, what is Mars really? Mars is the fourth planet.

    mars on short planet essay

    Many regions of Mars are flat, low-lying plains. The lowest of the northern plains are among the flattest, smoothest places in the solar system, potentially created by water that once flowed across the Martian surface. The northern hemisphere mostly lies at a lower elevation than the southern hemisphere, suggesting the crust may be thinner in the north than in the south. This difference between the north and south might be due to a very large impact shortly after the birth of Mars.

    The number of craters on Mars varies dramatically from place to place, depending on how old the surface is. Much of the surface of the southern hemisphere is extremely old, and so has many craters — including the planet's largest, 1,mile-wide 2, km Hellas Planitia — while that of northern hemisphere is younger and so has fewer craters.

    Some volcanoes also have a few craters, which suggests they erupted recently, with the resulting lava covering up any old craters. Some craters have unusual-looking deposits of debris around them resembling solidified mudflows, potentially indicating that the impactor hit underground water or ice.

    In , the European Space Agency's Mars Express spacecraft detected what could be a slurry of water and grains underneath icy Planum Australe. Some reports describe it as a "lake," but it's unclear how much regolith is inside the water. This body of water is said to be about Its underground location is reminiscent of similar underground lakes in Antarctica, which have been found to host microbes.

    Vast deposits of what appear to be finely layered stacks of water ice and dust extend from the poles to latitudes of about 80 degrees in both hemispheres. These were probably deposited by the atmosphere over long spans of time. On top of much of these layered deposits in both hemispheres are caps of water ice that remain frozen year-round. Additional seasonal caps of frost appear in the wintertime. These are made of solid carbon dioxide, also known as "dry ice," which has condensed from carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere.

    In the deepest part of the winter, this frost can extend from the poles to latitudes as low as 45 degrees, or halfway to the equator. Mars is much colder than Earth, in large part due to its greater distance from the sun. The carbon-dioxide-rich atmosphere of Mars is also about times less dense than Earth's on average, but it is nevertheless thick enough to support weather, clouds and winds. The density of the atmosphere varies seasonally, as winter forces carbon dioxide to freeze out of the Martian air.

    In the ancient past, the atmosphere was likely thicker and able to support water flowing on its surface. Over time, lighter molecules in the Martian atmosphere escaped under pressure from the solar wind, which affected the atmosphere because Mars does not have a global magnetic field.

    The Red Planet also causes water-ice snow to fall from the clouds. The dust storms on Mars are the largest in the solar system, capable of blanketing the entire Red Planet and lasting for months.

    One theory as to why dust storms can grow so big on Mars is because the airborne dust particles absorb sunlight, warming the Martian atmosphere in their vicinity. Warm pockets of air then flow toward colder regions, generating winds. Strong winds lift more dust off the ground, which, in turn, heats the atmosphere, raising more wind and kicking up more dust. The axis of Mars, like Earth's, is tilted with relation to the sun.

    This means that like Earth, the amount of sunlight falling on certain parts of the Red Planet can vary widely during the year, giving Mars seasons. However, the seasons that Mars experiences are more extreme than Earth's because the Red Planet's elliptical, oval-shaped orbit around the sun is more elongated than that of any of the other major planets.

    When Mars is closest to the sun, its southern hemisphere is tilted toward the sun, giving it a short, very hot summer, while the northern hemisphere experiences a short, cold winter.

    When Mars is farthest from the sun, the northern hemisphere is tilted toward the sun, giving it a long, mild summer, while the southern hemisphere experiences a long, cold winter. The tilt of the Red Planet's axis swings wildly over time because it's not stabilized by a large moon, such as Earth is.

    This led to different climates on the Martian surface throughout its history. Average distance from the sun: By comparison: Upon landing, the probe will deploy a. Similar Essays Mars: The Red Planet Essay words - 6 pages. The density of the planet is 3. That measurement is less than earth by 1. The composition of Mars means what are its layers and what is it made of. Mars is known as the red planet, which is perfectly true.

    The surface of Mars is an extremely thick layer of oxidized iron dust, which appears to be red, and rocks that just happen to be the same color. Also in the red dust, there is. Fourth Planet From The Sun: Mars words - 9 pages Mars Introduction Mars is the fourth planet from the sun and also the seventh largest in the solar system.

    Mars has been known and observed since the ancient times. It is many times called the Red Planet. People have been studying this planet for centuries and have always been. Most of the dust storms occur during the perihelion - when Mars is closest to the sun. In addition, the dust storms continue to dominate the atmosphere and climate during the aphelion - when Mars is furthest from the sun. Perihelion and aphelion occur every Mars year, which equals two Earth years.

    Mars Atmosphere, Mars is much colder than Earth. The average temperature on Mars is about Hello I Am Karen Essay words - 5 pages In our universe, there are many galaxies, there are many solar systems and there are many planets. Our solar system is a collection of eight major planets bound in elliptical orbits around the sun. Of these eight magnificent planets, Mars, also know as the red planet, is the fourth closest planet from the Sun with a distance of km 1.

    Mars is a terrestrial planet. Other Popular Essays. Martin Luther King Essay. As Mars and Earth orbit the Sun, the distance between them varies from about 75 million km about 47 million mi.

    This change in distance causes the apparent size of Mars to vary by a factor of 5 and its brightness to vary by a factor of On February 25, , Mars was at a distance of approximately million kilometers 65 million miles from Earth.

    The atmosphere is 95 percent carbon dioxide, 3 percent nitrogen and nearly 2 percent argon. Atmosphere pressure varies with the season and ranges from 6 to 10 millibars 1 millibar is approximately one one-thousandth of the air pressure on the surface of Earth.

    The variation in pressure is caused by carbon dioxide freezing out at the poles of the planet in fall and winter. The level of water vapor averages 0. There are six major types of clouds, which form in Mars's atmosphere. The Viking 2 lander recorded images of water and ice frost during the winter. Mars to many has been viewed as probably the only planet in our solar system that at a distance comes closest to resembling Ear

    Venus: The Second Planet from the Sun Essay

    Scientists and Astronomers from around the world have collated evidences about the possibility of life on Mars. The study about this planet is going on since. Learn about planet Mars' atmosphere, water supply and the possibility its southern hemisphere is tilted toward the sun, giving it a short, very. Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and is commonly referred to as the Red Planet. The rocks, soil and sky have a red or pink hue.

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    Scientists and Astronomers from around the world have collated evidences about the possibility of life on Mars. The study about this planet is going on since.

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