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case sap study bw/bi



  • case sap study bw/bi
  • SAP BI/BW Testing
  • 2i Solutions
  • Hi All,Where can i find good SAP BW end to end case study with detailed servicerewiew.fun't find CASE STUDY – SAP BW/BI Testing. Using SAP BI (Business Intelligence) solutions on the basis of SAP BW data Such analysis gives information about the number of cars that have been leased, . Business Case United Shipping GmbH United Shopping is a Developing a business intelligence solution using SAP Net weaver BI . SAP BW on HANA - Implementation Use Cases and Data Modeling Techniques.

    case sap study bw/bi

    The marketing team is now able to classify the subscriber base based on device or handset type. This has opened new opportunities for customer acquisition and retention. BI utilizes the history of device change to segment the subscriber appropriately. Business intelligence has facilitated customer profiling. The subscriber usage, payment, and VAS value-added services behavior help in designing specific plans for different types of subscribers.

    Having a standard business intelligence platform has helped the company standardize definitions of major KPIs and ensure consistent availability of data with agreed logic. This has reduced data revalidation efforts and the need for offline spreadmarts to support local logic. Intangible benefits include targeting the right customers at the right time and ensuring a similar experience at various customer touch points.

    In the first phase of business intelligence implementation, a few power uses were targeted. Once the confidence was developed in this user community, the casual users started coming in. This was facilitated by tools that shielded users from the complexities of the BI and EDW environment. The development and operations team trained a few critical users first and they in turn helped train the remaining user groups.

    Having access to the BI and EDW platform, the user community began to realize the power of data availability at their fingertips. There are multiple modules to be added. Now that the foundation for business intelligence has been laid, the upcoming projects are advanced analytics, data mining, statistical analysis, in-memory tools and similar niceties.

    Please check the box if you want to proceed. High-performance computing has moved from the rarified realm of research and government and into the enterprise. Learn how Companies achieve digital transformation along two dimensions -- through operational efficiency and offering a great customer David Petersson explains how blockchain could be used to democratize access to big data -- and make AI breakthroughs the province Troubles continue for Huawei as new bans and government reports put security into question, but the company is attempting to Malwarebytes explains why the rapidly evolving info-stealer Baldr could spell trouble for businesses and consumers, and offers In addition to protecting an organization's endpoints from threats, IT administrators can use endpoint security products to The 5G core network will support millions of devices that need high-speed communication and data processing.

    Learn what other GATX reporting standards concern the balance sheet, profit and loss statement, cashflow and some managing versions of the financial statement.

    That is why in preparing reports in BW it was necessary to use financial data from various components of my-SAP ERP, mainly the information from the general ledger, as well as controlling and consolidation data. For the data taken from ERP system additional mapping tables were prepared. They helped complete standard forms of data analysis on the basis of corporate requirements. Thanks to them it became possibile to report in SAP BW data warehouse both the unprocessed raw ERP data level and processed data to the corporate system requirements.

    Besides the possiblity to create reports covering actual data, SAP BW data warehouse has been pre-pared to register the planned data, which gives con-trol over plans execution with the use of flexible reporting functions available in the data warehouse. The implementation of the data warehouse in finance finished in August We have obtained new reports which help us analyse indrect costs in many dimensions eg.

    The ease of comparing the data projected with actual ones adds to a new quality of financial planning in DEC. We can estimate that thanks to the warehouse the time of obtaining reports has shortened by half. The next area covered by the data warehouse implementation was sales. Naturally it is an area which generates a lot of information that must be analysed quickly and efficiently. Apart from that, in DEC GATX Rail Poland it is an area which gives the company information about the number of rail cars available and those used by clients at a particular time.

    The project of warehouse implementation in sales lasted from April to August When compared to the original plan, its scope was extended by sales budgeting elements. Beside classic sales reporting a very important requirement was an analysis of the condition of leased cars. Such analysis gives information about the number of cars that have been leased, are leased or will be leased by a client; where a particular car was, is or is going to be.

    The implemented changes have given a possiblity to prepare many managing reports, the most important being:.

    For example, we can report on the number of cars leased now or as at any day: According to those criteria we can obtain a detailed history of changes in the number of leased cars down to a single day.

    We can analyse the cars and lease rates by date as per contract: We can report and compare income not only on lease in any defined periods. We compare the number of cars obtained and the income with the projected budget in different forms. New reports are a basis for taking decisions such as discount policy for cliens, optimizing the use of the fleet. Planned and unplanned maintenance works are a priority in keeping cars working.

    The third project, called the technical one, made it possibile to report on maintenance activities and improved reporting financial data for technical needs.

    Moreover, the SAP system we use has been developed by many additions we needed due to the characteristics of our operations. That is why we needed a data warehouse so much. Reports present data from many SAP areas. Before we started the warehouse, long-distance reporting of big amounts of data and cross-cut reporting which covered many tables in a quiery were all a load for SAP transaction system.

    Shifting the reporting to a separate SAP BW made generating reports faster without diminishing the efficiency of the transactional system.

    To give access to new reports that take data from different SAP modules, separate data had to be made cohesive and connected. Those included: Thanks to that every area could be used during creating reports and data from other modules could be connected. Those reports are friendly because it is easy to export data to the handy MS Excel format. Before that creating more complex reports directly in SAP was sometimes a problem. Now starting a new report is much simpler, as it does not require programming in ABAP.

    We must just precisely define the scope of the necessary data. Finally I would say that for the employees who participated in the project it was an opportunity to obtain new skills in SAP development.

    It was possibile thanks to a cooperation model we adopted with BCC. The way of executing the works enabled a full transfer of knowledge. Waldemar Czaplejewicz , Board Member for finance, sums up: Our employees may focus on report analysis. Preparing data needs much less time and energy. This means that the way to taking good decisions is shorter and easier. Also external reporting is based on SAP BW; the solution perfecly supports a double reporting system, i.

    It has the biggest fleet of rail cars for liquid oil products in Poland. GATX is one of the biggest owners of rail cars in the world; the owner of the biggest rail car fleet in North America as well as a holder of substantial shares in similar companies in Mexico, Canada, Switzerland, Germany and Austria. See the case study - Polish. Management of a team and office in their day-to-day functions. Support for debt collection via emails and SMS messaging.

    Monitoring of costs and efficiency of recording invoices in SSC. A many-fold acceleration Bilfinger Infrastructure approached the SAP project in the same way as their ongoing construction projects: The prospect of the approaching end of the year and the desire to make settlements with customers in the new system as of January were motivating.

    In just Wirthwein AG combines the features of a flexible, medium-sized company with a global perspective. This is an ideal example, illustrating the fact that a An SAP rollout is a challenge that requires a discussion on exactly what should be harmonized, and which solutions should be tailored to the specificity of With its approach, the company has proven that Creating an in-house, virtual bank in SAP system in Volkswagen corporate group means the reduction of bank processing costs and easier management of the SAP solutions for construction engineering include handling specific processes in connection with construction projects delivery.

    Development of a set of Lightning components Salesforce. Mobile app for not-profit medical organization Mobile Dev. Social mobile platform Mobile Dev. Mobile app for a pharmacy chain Mobile Dev. Salesforce orgs audit Salesforce.

    Salesforce CRM implementation Salesforce. Development of a high load web portal Salesforce. Analytical solution on Salesforce for Sales Department Salesforce. Development of the eCommerce platform for a B2C company Salesforce. Andrey Senior Business Development manager. Alexander Lead QA. Alex Project Manager.

    SAP BI/BW Testing

    Data Warehouse Management with SAP BW. Case Study “Sailor´s Wear“. Alexander Prosser In this case fixed costs are made up of personnel costs. day. servicerewiew.fun Stefan Grundmüller, Team Manager SAP BI, DPD Geopost GmbH Migrated the SAP BW to SAP HANA infrastructure. Case Study 2 – Life Sciences/Pharmaceuticals . Brief Description of the Project – End to end implementation of Business Objects BI solution on top of SAP BW.

    2i Solutions



    Data Warehouse Management with SAP BW. Case Study “Sailor´s Wear“. Alexander Prosser In this case fixed costs are made up of personnel costs. day.

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