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Essay on corruption in public domain

traffic congestion to reduce essay ways



  • traffic congestion to reduce essay ways
  • Reducing Traffic Congestion Essay
  • Teaching IELTS Students.
  • In order to reduce traffic congestion – an urgent problem in Hanoi, there are two main works to solve well. Firstly, the Authorities need to upgrade traffic. A word paper with ideas for reducing traffic congestion, submitted by Smarter They then walk, or sometimes cycle, the rest of the way. Hello everybody! This is a topic in my IELTS class: Traffic congestion is becoming a huge problem for many major cities. Suggest some.

    traffic congestion to reduce essay ways

    Besides that, SB also includes multiple ultra-sonic sensors that are built underneath it. Ultrasonic sensors were also chosen primarily because they offer a rapid speed and are unaffected by soil or dirt, which sends signals to the alarm and warn all nearby vehicle traveling too close with it.

    Unlike other buses, SB uses electricity instead of patrol for travellers and makes use of the large sizes of solar panels which is above the rooftop, converting sunlight into electricity to function SB Refer to Appendix picture As a result, I research more information about the traffic congestion factors and traffic flow simulation model.

    The traffic flow could be investigated by observing traffic phenomena in real life traffic situations and understanding the traffic phenomena based on traffic flow system. It is the study of interaction between drivers, vehicles, and infrastructure. Understanding traffic flow models can aim developing a better road network with minimal traffic congestion problem and efficient movement of traffic Powerful Essays words 4. Cutting-edge aerospace technology has enabled aircrafts to operate competently under a wide range of conditions, to destinations and climates around the world at the same time maintaining emphasis on safety.

    Technological innovations have played a pivotal role in reducing the cost of air travel and enabled air services to be widely accessible. This in turn has allowed people from all over the world to use air transportation on a routinely basis Reducing Traffic Congestion Essay. Reducing Traffic Congestion Essay Length: Powerful Essays Open Document. Essay Preview. Read Full Essay Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper.

    Need Writing Help? Essay on Questions and Answers: Resouce Allocation and Congestion Control - 1 What is resource allocation. Impact of Reducing Global U.

    How Cars Talk to Each Other. The city of Columbus, Ohio, for example, is using data its gathering from government fleet vehicles as part of other smart city pilot programs to also improve the timing of traffic signals.

    By getting a better idea of traffic flow and how long a vehicle idles at stop lights, the city can better modify traffic signal timing with the changes in traffic throughout the day.

    V2I Smart Corridors Adaptive traffic signals are one piece to some smart corridors. Smart corridors can address traffic congested roads as well as hazardous areas, such as one major highway in Wyoming used heavily for freight transportation in addition to regular passenger cars.

    Using V2I technology, the state is implementing a pilot project that would send safety-related weather and accident alerts to drivers volunteering for the program. To do this, 75 short-range communications units are being installed along the highway that can communicate with the other units and the vehicles that have devices installed. In Atlanta, a 2. With adaptive traffic signal technology, connected video cameras and more, the city hopes it can serve as a real-world testing grounds for smart corridor technology.

    Platooning is one example of an autonomous vehicle technology. If all roads on the vehicle had autonomous technology, vehicles would be able to speed up and slow down, and merge onto and off freeways without human direction, creating a much smoother driving pattern.

    Platooning is a first-step toward self-driving cars since it requires vehicles on a freeway to communicate with each other about speed and conditions, allowing the vehicles to travel consistently.

    What will also help with traffic congestion by actually reducing the number of passenger vehicles on the road is further bolstering public transit with more first- and last-mile solutions. For example, companies like Lyft and Uber are looking at how autonomous vehicles could make their services a more viable service in conjunction with public transit. Real-Time Traffic Feedback This affects use of public transit, such as a new project in Kansas that has a free streetcar carrying up to 6, passengers a day in a major business district.

    The success of the program is largely contributed to all the real-time traffic feedback — not just for where exactly the streetcar is at all times but also the traffic around the downtown area, kiosks that show available parking spaces, etc. It also helps with ridership that the streetcar has free Wi-Fi. This 2. Instead of the typical toll for express lanes, this would change the pricing structure based on peak traffic times and for high-occupancy or exempt vehicles, with the goal of discouraging single-passenger drivers to be on the road at peak travel times.

    Tracking Pedestrian Traffic Addressing traffic congestion is also about understanding pedestrian traffic. In Las Vegas, for example, the city is using V2I technology to not only track how many vehicles go through a given intersection at different times but how many pedestrians are crossing streets — and even jaywalking — so the city can reroute vehicle traffic at times of high pedestrian traffic, and so on.

    The city can also get alerts when a pedestrian is in a roadway when the light is about to change so they can delay the light if needed, increasing the safety of the streets as well. But either way, they provide alternative options. Better connecting the modes of alternative transportation would encourage more urbanites to forego a car altogether.

    With the emergence of drone technology, more and more utilities and public energy authorities are using drones to do these regular tasks instead of sending out field workers in a bucket truck. Los Angeles is even looking into drone technology to do things like firefighting. President Donald Trump actually just signed an executive memorandum to make it a little easier for these types of companies to test drones in cities.

    Stay in touch with the future of fleet: Every detail and aspect of transport is fairly and properly examined and the cool look at buses is particularly welcome so often they are disparaged. The only area not intensively discussed seems to be air pollution but this no doubt will be included in the future.

    Bicycles have become trendy because they offer affordable mobility while limiting traffic congestion and pollution. Most of this is brilliant but workplace parking levies might not be popular with the public, especially since the alternative is very expensive bus fares. Whilst some people may use the bus because of proposed new features that you have suggested as well as it being quick, we need it to be cheap because their is a relatively low chance of buses matching the privacy of cars and if cars continue to be cheaper the workers who make up , cars coming every day into Cambridge will prefer car over other methods of transport.

    However, overall I think your ideas have really been thought through and have inspired me to think of other ideas or possible ways to tackle congestion in Cambridge. Thank you for your comprehensive article. Please read my humble comments: This strategy did not work. For example, In , London was the 2nd most congested city after Moscow. According to your article, none of these can deliver a complete solution, and most of them provide only temporary relief until induced demand fills up the road space once more.

    So what is the solution s where there is no available infrastructure or the possibility in fully established cities to implement your proposals?

    Thank you for your questions. In section 15 Road Pricing above, we describe some of the characteristics that a road pricing scheme needs to take into account.

    Where resources are limited, then government policy will necessarily need to focus on Low and Medium Capital Investment strategies 1—11 outlined above. See for instance: Smarter Cambridge Transport. Executive Summary We present here some ideas for reducing congestion and pollution in urban areas, developed in the context of the Greater Cambridge area roughly Cambridge city and South Cambridgeshire district but applicable in other areas in the UK and worldwide.

    Low capital investment 1. Improve perceptions of buses There is a perception partly class-related that trams are more attractive than buses.

    Some of the commonly-cited objections are: Pollution from diesel engines is a danger to health, and the smell and noise is offensive. All-electric buses, with quiet, battery-powered motors, will be commonplace within a decade, so this advantage of trams will diminish. Tickets are typically purchased before boarding a tram, or there is contactless payment.

    Transport for London has proven there is no reason for buses to be different. Trams typically have multi-door boarding. The advantage of having more doors, especially once ticketing is streamlined, is that dwell times can be greatly reduced, allowing buses to run more frequently, increasing the hourly capacity, for only a small increase in overhead.

    Tram routes are easier to understand and find. Consistent, clear maps and signage, real-time passenger information displays, and online apps, like CityMapper, can make bus travel much more accessible.

    Naming routes can help too. The ride quality of a bus is largely determined by the quality of the road: The challenge is for bus manufacturers to up their game!

    Bus windows often stream with condensation in the winter. Buses should be fitted with a heat-recovery ventilation system, which extracts warm moist air and transfers the heat to cool, dry air drawn in from outside. Buses often pick up more dirt from the road in wet weather. This can be addressed by running buses through a washer during off-peak periods. The steps to gaining popular buy-in are: Collect data on commuter parking and its impacts Identify local problems that parking controls can solve and include these at an early stage in scheme proposals Minimise costs to residents through efficient enforcement using appropriate technology, such as virtual permits Offer a trial using experimental traffic regulation orders of controversial aspects of a scheme.

    Charge for workplace parking Free parking at employment sites attracts traffic and therefore contributes indirectly to congestion. Measures may include: Re-allocate car parking for cycle parking Set up or join a car-share scheme Pay for taxis as a back-up when car-sharing does not work out Provide financial assistance e.

    Medium capital investment 7. The keys to good design that is attractive to people of all ages and abilities are: Build protected cycle lanes, with as much separation as possible from busy roads and, where possible, from pedestrians Design segregated crossings at busy junctions, where potential conflicts between cars, cycles and pedestrians are reduced to a minimum Introduce the Turning the Corner simplification of the Highway Code and underlying law essentially, turning vehicles and cycles must give way to all cars, cycles and pedestrians proceeding straight on , as proposed by British Cycling, the AA and RAC Foundation Create and sign cut-throughs to create networks of quiet routes that connect up residential areas, schools, libraries, shops and other amenities Remove physical obstacles, especially if they require people to dismount.

    Research by academic Rachel Aldred has found that many people with impaired mobility get around on bicycles and tricycles but are unable to negotiate steps. Improve bus services Buses are seeing a sustained reduction in patronage since Interchanging A single rural bus service can serve only a small minority of people whose journeys happens to begin and end close to the bus route.

    Works buses Where a company puts on a works bus service, this will often compete with and undermine the viability of public services. However research has identified two unwanted side effects: The model needs refining, in part by catering differently to local and longer-distance traffic.

    Travel hubs Travel hubs in rural centres should be well-connected to the surrounding homes and amenities by foot- and cycleways. Rationalise distribution and deliveries Efforts to reduce car traffic in cities are being undone by growth in commercial traffic. High capital investment Existing rail network There is considerable potential in the existing heavy rail network to run metro-style services in cities like Cambridge.

    Parking at stations In most cities, train stations are at the centre of a highly congested road network. Light rail Light rail can be popular and politically attractive, but the cost is high and in most cases improving bus services will be have a greater benefit than installing street-running trams.

    Installation of the rails and power supply either overhead lines or inductive loops below the road surface is very expensive and highly disruptive In existing urban areas, the space required will typically compromise the space available for other transport modes, including walking and cycling People travelling from beyond the tram network will still have to take a bus, and possibly change to the tram en route Rail has to avoid steep gradients and sharp bends, ruling out routes that buses can manage perfectly well Rail-based transport cannot adapt to temporary disruptions, e.

    Rail-based transport is appropriate where: There is a need to move large volumes of people in the order of 10, per hour between major centres e. Strategic Road Network resilience Incidents and works on the strategic road network often cause large volumes of traffic to divert onto city and village roads, creating long delays for local traffic, including bus services. Road pricing There is no doubt that road pricing can work: In our view, road pricing needs to be designed, with wide public consultation, to take into account: Physical cost building, repairing and renewing roads and associated infrastructure Environmental cost pollution, noise, vibration caused Social cost e.

    Health and welfare There needs to be much greater consideration given to the health aspects of transport. View all posts. Air pollution: What do we want from the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough mayor? Reducing traffic congestion and pollution in urban areas […]. You may also like. Will making the bus driver redundant save public transport?

    East West Rail: Final nail in the coffin for the Cambourne busway? Search this site Search. Recent Consultation Responses. Recent Articles Will making the bus driver redundant save public transport? Newspaper Columns Cambridge Independent More about us About Us Cambridge city bus hub Can you help us?

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    Reducing Traffic Congestion Essay

    How to reduce road traffic congestion. In order to reduce traffic congestion, one of the solutions is to adjust the transportation system, this can be done by. how to reduce traffic congestion essay will elaborate on the ways to reduce traffic congestion in countries like America, UK, Canada and. The best way to reduce traffic congestion in cities is to provide a free public transport service | Band 8 IELTS essay sample. by ielts practice.

    Teaching IELTS Students.



    How to reduce road traffic congestion. In order to reduce traffic congestion, one of the solutions is to adjust the transportation system, this can be done by.

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